New World Industries proudly manufactures
all our products in America

Compare the RF Series Performance & Value against the competition!!

  • Operational range from 75 feet (standard) to 1000 feet available Instant controlled

  • Instant controlled device activation

  • 1 in 16 million address combinations

  • Up to 40 transmitters can be matched to 1 receiver

  • Microprocessor address matching …….no switches to set

  • Up to 15 Double-Pole circuits

  • Latching circuits are available

  • Surface mount receiver with optional Enclosures upon request

  • Standard Terminal wiring connections with optional Connecctors available

  • On-board receiver LED for control Diagnostics

  • Available on-board microprocessor-controlled switching combinations

  • 12 to 24VDC

  • 10-amp fet and relays using digital switching

  • Potted  enclosure provides a vibration and water proof environment

  • FCC approved

  • 3 Transmiter types to choose from

  • 1 year warranty and made in the USA